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At Snow Plow Stuff, we offer 9 Personal Snow Plows and 5 Commercial Grade Plows. This site is operated by New Vision Truck Accessories in North Dakota and we do have snow. We also use these plows as well as distribute them. It is our objective to fit each customer with a plow application which best fits his needs and budget. In order to do this, we need to know the type of truck that will be used and the purpose for which the plow will be used. If you live in the Snow Belt areas, you should be able to pay for your plow in one year. This is achieved in one of two ways: One, you will not have to hire someone else to do your snow removal. Two, you may decide to contract out and do plowing for others in which case, you can receive substantial income.

Personal Snowplows


The Snowsport 180 Utility Plow is an entry level 7′ wide snowplow designed to be used on the front or rear of your vehicle. The plow blade is made of anodized 6063-T6 aluminum and utilizes the rear hitch receiver on your vehicle to remove snow while traveling in reverse. The plow can also be mounted on the front of the vehicle if it is equipped with a front receiver. This will allow you to push the snow while traveling in a forward motion. The plow fits all standard 2″ receivers making it ideal for SUV’s and Mini-Vans.

Equipped with a heavy duty one inch thick cutting edge to improve scraping ability and a tough anodized aluminum blade, you will be able to remove large volumes of snow. At 56 lbs, this plow is easily lifted by one person making it ideal for anyone in the family to use. Lifting one end at a time, the blade is lowered onto the durable push frame and secured with a dual purpose keyhole pin. The same operation is used for transporting the plow making it very easy to use this plow. It should be noted that no options are available for angling the blade or raising and lowering the blade. Raising the blade is done manually. The 180 Utility Plow comes standard with 2 Blade Markers and a low ticket price starting at $999.00.


The SnowSport HD Utility Plow is one step above the 180 Utility Plow. Not only is it larger and heavier, it also has an important feature which allows the plow to be angled from left to right, right to left, or straight. This HD Utility Plow weighs 110 lbs, is 7′ Wide and 18″ high. Featuring a tough anodized 6063-T6 aluminum blade with a 1″ thick rubber cutting edge, the SnowSport HD Utility Plow is capable of moving a lot of snow with little or no effort. Because of the low profile design, travel with the plow in the raised position is conveniently accomplished without any additional light systems. In 2003, the plow was the recipient of the prestigious GM Best New Product award.

Installation of the plow in most cases is very easy and takes approximately 1 – 2 hours. Mounting applications are available for most light trucks, SUV’s, and Mini-Vans. All Plows have a one year limited warranty and are shipped within 3-5 days.

SNOWBEAR Personal Snowplows

All SnowBear plows have four important features not found on the SnowSport line: One, they all can be raised and lowered from the inside of the truck with the touch of a button on a joystick. This joystick operates a hard wired remote that controls a winch mounted on the plow; two, the plows are heavier so you can easily scrape the hard packed snow in most cases and third, all plows come standard with a snow deflector which keeps the snow from going over the top of the plow and landing on the hood or windshield of your vehicle. The snow deflector also aids in the moving of large amounts of snow. A fourth option, available at a cost of $399.99 is a wireless remote to raise and lower the plow and operates similar to the power door locks on a truck.

Another important feature of all SnowBear snowplows is the Mount Assist Jack. It facilitates the mounting of the plow on the vehicle. It is as simple as 1-2-3. Align the vehicle with the plow, insert the pin, and plug in the electrical wire and you are ready to plow. There is no physical lifting involved in hooking up the plow or in plowing. When you are not using the plow, the plow assembly with the optional lights stays with the plow. They are not hanging on the front of your vehicle.

Installation of the Plows on your truck is easy with the custom mounted no drill brackets. If your vehicle is not listed, a universal mounting bracket is available which requires in most cases a simple fabrication from a local welding store.

The SnowBear Plow lineup for 2008-2009 is all new for this year. The new model plows are Black Powder Coated Steel blades with a newly improved winch for raising and lowering the plow. (Blue, Yellow, and Galvanized steel plows are carryover plows from previous years and not sold on this site and not recommended by Snow Plow Stuff Staff.)

SNOWBEAR BB75 Personal Snowplow

The BB75 snowplow manufactured by SnowBear is an 82 inch Plow and is 19 inches High. This plow weighs 225 lbs and is the lightest of the SnowBear plows. With the new Black Powder Coated Steel Blade, this plow will provide many years of maintenance free use. This plow is considered the economy model of the SnowBear line up and is especially practical for homeowners who experience very little snow or have a mid size SUV, compact Truck, or mini-van. It should be noted that custom brackets are available for most trucks, SUV’s, Jeeps, and Vans.

SNOWBEAR BB100 Personal Snowplow

The BB100 has the same features as all SnowBear Personal Plows and is the mid sized plow. The blade is 7’ wide, Black Powder Coated Steel, and is 22” high. The additional height and length of the blade provides for added snow removal capacity. Another important consideration is the 84” blade is wide enough to remove the snow before it reaches the vehicle tires of most trucks and gets packed down.

SNOWBEAR BB200 Personal Snowplow

The BB200 is the largest of all SnowBear personal snowplows. The BB200 is just inches short of 7.5′, has a 26″ blade, and weighs 310 lbs. The plow operates without the maintenance and cost of hydraulics. The BB200 with its 310 lbs is recommended by Snow Plow stuff for all full size trucks or midsize trucks with 4 wheel drive. For additional information on this highly recommended plow, go to the BB200 page and view the specs.

SnowBear Pro Series Personal Snowplow

The Pro is the ultimate combination of options fitted to the BB200. This plow has all the bells and whistles including HD Skid Shoes, Light Kit, and Wireless Remote Control. The plow was the most popular plow sold by Snow Plow Stuff last year with top notch reviews and comments from customers.

Flexblade Polar Pro Snowplow

The Flexblade was formerly manufactured by SnowBear and then discontinued. This plow is an 84” Poly Plow and the first plow manufactured by SnowBear. The plow is very similar to the present SnowBear plows with a couple of exceptions. The plow mounts to a front receiver similar to a rear receiver that you would use to pull a trailer. Second, the plow has an electric actuator for raising and lowering the plow instead of the current winch. SnowBear made a decision to change the front mounting systems in order to provide applications for more vehicles and also decided to change the winch system at the same time.


A summary of the Hiniker line of snowplows is available at the site: Snow Plow Stuff has listed on this site, five of the most popular plows manufactured by Hiniker: The Hiniker 700 which is a 7’ light duty commercial plow, the Hiniker 2752 which is a 7 ½’ HD Plow, and the Hiniker 2802 which is an 8’ HD plow. For high snow and difficult areas to get at, the C-Plow and V-Plow are good choices. These are great plows for homeowners, Snow Removal Contractors, and Commercial and Industrial customers who have long driveways, roads, large parking lots, etc.

The Hiniker plow is manufactured in Mankato, Minnesota and is probably the number one plow of Snow Plow Pro’s who move snow as a business. This plow has a two year limited warranty and requires very little maintenance. Snow Plow Stuff will ship your Hiniker snowplow to your home or place of business within 2 – 5 days in most cases. Call 1-800-279-7492 and get a free quote on this exciting plow. All prices are much lower before the snow flies, so avoid higher costs and delays in shipping and order your plow today.

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